Our mission is to facilitate access to geoinformation, which is why we offer solutions that give the opportunity to work in GIS environment using a web browser only. We offer WebGIS class applications for both 2D and 3D spatial data.

WebGIS application

Application dedicated to working with 2D spatial data (map backgrounds, orthophotomaps, vector data) operating in a web browser or on mobile devices. There is a possibility of authorized access for a selected group of users, as well as giving them different permission to edit or read data only. 

The advantage of the offered application over standard GIS class desktop software is, among others:
– sharing the project with other users in real time,
– spatial data storage and sharing  in the cloud,
– authorized access via login and password,
– access on mobile devices.

3D pointcloud web viewer

3D pointcloud web viewer we propose greatly facilitates the use of this type of spatial data. Thanks to the application you will avoid problems such as too large point cloud file size or computer performance limitations.

It enables simple measurements (volume, area, distance), cross-sections, switching the visibility of individual datasets or the use of predefined views.

An additional functionality of the application is the ability to integrate the point cloud with other types of spatial data (e.g. vector layers, WMS services or Open Street Map)

Server infrastructure

We have our own, constantly improved server infrastructure, which is characterized not only by above-average computing power, but also by an increased data security level. We believe that a significant part of the work can be entrusted to computers, therefore, both at the request of our clients and our own needs, we develop software that automates spatial data processing.

Our offer also includes data storage service and data sharing. In the case of spatial data, we offer publishing them in the form of web services (e.g. WMS, WMTS, WFS) or databases.