Extended range

This training is devoted to people who want to use the advanced capabilities of low-level photogrammetry. The participant will be introduced to the subject of proper flight parameterization in order to obtain the expected photogrammetric product. We will present flight and warp planning strategies as well as selected non-standard photogrammetric products with regard to advanced sensors necessary to obtain them. With the help of Menci’s software, the correction process of numerical height models and three-dimensional photogrammetric photograph analysis will be presented. Methods of classification and interpretation of the point cloud will also be shown.

Training modules:

  • Parameterization of the flight in relation to the expected product,
  • Flight and warp planning strategies,
  • Non-standard photogrammetric products,
  • Selected photogrammetric sensors,
  • Correction of numerical altitude models – TerrainTools,
  • Three-dimensional analysis of photogrammetric photographs – StereoCAD,
  • Classification and interpretation of point clouds.

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