Basic training GIS

This training is intended both for people who want to use spatial data for complex analysis, as well as for people who come across spatial data on a daily basis. As part of the training, basic assumptions and definitions related to spatial data and Geographic Information Systems will be explained. Using the commonly used and free software, the participant will learn how to create and operate basic

GIS data models, perform analysis based on a vector and raster model, effectively visualize data, prepare professional cartographic surveys. Within the training, the participant will acquire knowledge of the software belonging to the OSGeo4W package, including the QGIS and SAGA GIS software.

 Training modules:

  • Introduction to GIS,
  • Creating and operating basic GIS data models,
  • Vector analysis,
  • Raster analysis,
  • Data visualization methods,
  • Preparation of cartographic surveys,
  • The usability of generally available internet data,
  • Introduction to the OSGeo4W package,
  • Advanced analysis in the SAGA GIS program,
  • Transformations of the coordinate system.

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