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The training adresses aspects of possible ways of usage of low-ceiling photos taken with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (commonly known as drones). The subject matter of the training covers the entire process: from the planning of the flight to the post-production and visualization of the acquired photogrammetric products. As part of the training, the basic concepts from low-level photogrammetry and GIS will be explained. Selected programs for effective planning and execution of flights as well as data processing, including generation of numerical height models and RGB orthophotomap will be presented. Participants will get hold off basic knowledge in the field of conducting 2D measurements on orthophotomaps. On simple examples we will present the possibilities of applying solutions from 3D analysis.

Training modules:

  • Introduction to low-level photogrammetry and GIS,
  • Theoretical introduction to remote sensing,
  • Planning UAV flights,
  • Photogrammetric techniques used,
  • Creating an orthophotomap in the APS software,
  • Generation of NMT and NMPT in a 2D environment,
  • 2D measurements on an orthophotomap,
  • Overview of GIS tools in the QGIS and SAGA GIS software

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