Our offer includes:

  • The execution and processing of low-ceiling photogrammetric and remote sensing images
  • Professional training in GIS, photogrammetry and remote sensing
  • Distribution of specialized software dedicated to low-level photogrammetry

In terms of execution and processing of low-ceiling photogrammetric and remote sensing images, we offer our clients a geo reporting service, which can be complex or incorporate only selected geoprocessing modules.

We understand geo reporting as a series of measuring and analytical work that leads from problem recognition through planning and performing field work and analytical data preparation, up to visualization of results in the form of a report coupled with a convenient geoportal.

Geo raporting
Selected segments

The modular service encloses selected stages of geo reporting. This approach reduces costs for entities that have their own infrastructure and competent staff. Such a service may consist of, for example, field work, analytical processing of aerial photo images, activities related to geoportal managing.

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Geo reporting
Comprehensive service

The comprehensive service includes all the steps necessary to perform a georaport. This approach allows you to integrate the entire reporting process, reduce costs and easily ensure repeatability of the result, which is particularly important in the construction of geomonitoring systems.

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