Menci companies

We are exclusive distributors of the software from the Italian company Menci in Poland and in Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. It is a specialized software dedicated to low-level photogrammetry. The full package includes APS, TerrainTools and StereoCAD.



A tool allowing the performance of basic photogrammetric products such as: orthophotomaps, numerical altitude models, point cloud. It is a software dedicated to processing of non-metrical nadir aerial photos from a low ceiling.


Specialized software which allows to take geometrical measurements in a 3D environment. It provides functionalities that enable the digitalization of objects along with their geometrical properties, such as relative height, volume or surface area. Stereoscopic observation permits the user to extract the full interpretation potential contained in aerial photographs. Thanks to 3D observations, it is possible to measure antenna masts, power lines, steel structures protruding above the ground surface.


Software granting manual edition of automatically generated Terrain Coverage Models and their supervised filtration. Additionaly, the application has tools for measuring earth masses and making cross-sections.


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