Mapping services

Our speciality is photogrammetry – processing aerial photographic data to cartometric high resolution othophotomaps.
We provide up-to-date spatial data, tools and knowledge to help our clients with their daily tasks and responsibilities.


Aerial photographs with a resolution of (GSD) of single centimeters are obtained using a manned aircraft or UAVs. Depending on the size of the area, the structure of the airspace, the terrain and customer needs, appropriate photo acquisition technology is selected.

The resulting orthophotomap always has the highest quality and meets the location accuracy of +/- 2 pixels in the XY plane.

We provide our orthophotomaps in the form of a network service, which means that access to data is possible in a variety of software, GIS or the geoportals.

Historical orthophotomaps

We offer the development of an historical orthophotomap based on archival aerial photographs (availability for many places dates back to even before WWII).

The product is an invaluable source of information about land development from many years ago.

Cartometric archival orthophotomap can successfully power up the spatial information systems existing in the local government. 

Professional training

We have qualified training staff, thanks to which we carry out attractive trainings in:
– land surveying,
– photogrammetric data acquisition using UAV,
– photogrammetric data processing,
– geospatial data processing in GIS class software,

– remote sensing.