Comprehensive support for construction investments using low altitude photogrammetry.
We provide high-resolution, accurate products that help at the design, construction and operation stages of an investment. Fast delivery, presentation of results in the form of a WebGIS website and an engineering approach to results reporting are the main advantages of our offer.


We provide high resolution orthophotomaps (GSD = 2-5cm) that have location accuracy of +/- 2 pixels in the XY plane.

Our orthophotomaps can easily be loaded as a basemap for projects run in the CAD / GIS environment. This allows you to quickly verify the timeliness and completeness of vector data.

In addition, the pictures capture objects and phenomena that do not fall within the content of the standard master map – e.g. road markings, the presence of any movables, or the patency of the drainage ditch.

Construction site inventory

Situations in which the contractor withdraws from further work, unfortunately, are an substantial element of the construction market. The investor is left not only with a hurriedly abandoned construction site, but often with the obligation to settle works carried out by various subcontractors and material suppliers.

Photogrammetric inventory of the construction “0” state allows confronting the parties’ testimonies in the field of financial settlements and helps in securing investments until the resumption of works. The collected data is also extremely valuable for the investor and subsequent contractors in the process of valuation of works necessary to finalize the investment.

The inventory report, which is the result of our work, may constitute evidence in a situation in which the current contractor or investor decides to take the case to court.

Corridor investment monitoring

The use of cyclical (and therefore always up-to-date) image aquisition gives very wide possibilities of improving the processes of construction processes, including:

– monitoring work progress,
– design compliance analysis,
– current update measurements,
– volume measurements and evaluating the quantity of any materials stored at the construction site,
– reports for partial settlements of subcontractors,
– identification of covered events (theft of materials, security of fences, monitoring the basic principles of health and safety at work).

Photogrammetric data available in a dedicated WebGIS application or WMS service taking into account the scope of the communication plane for investors, contractors, designers as well as various different industries.

Land-surveying support

High resolution orthophotomaps are an ideal material for comparing the content of the land surveying maps with the current state of land development.

Thanks to their use, time and labor consumption of field work may be reduced to the necessary minimum, and even some measurements can be carried out on a photogrammetric model. In addition, this approach avoids many important for other measurements methods, i.e. difficult crossing of watercourses, lack of access to fenced properties or the need to stop traffic in a road lane.

Digital elevation models

For the needs of terrain modelling tasks (e.g. maps of slopes, visibility analyzes, volume calculations), we create accurate elevation models. In addition to dense image matching we use stereoscopic observations using a digital photogrammetric station. A regular grid of the model supplementing the terrain forms determined with centimeter accuracy, i.e. breaklines and available exclusions.

Our approach ensures high resolution and accuracy of models, but also increased resistance to various types of measurement errors.

Volume measurements

The use of low altitude photogrammetry in volume measurements brings enormous benefits compared to conventional methods of measurement :

– safety – no need to enter the heaps for persons carrying out measuremens,
– time – measurement of a landfill with an area of ​​<10 hectares can be done in less than an hour,
– accuracy – the measurement is performed with a density of up to hundreds of points / m2,
– several times lower cost,
– presentation of results on a high resolution orthophotomap of a landfill.


Photogrammetry greatly reduces the need for measurements by other methods. As surveyors, however, we are aware that it may not always completely replace other available technologies for obtaining spatial data – that’s why in order to optimize development time, cost and, above all, the maximum quality of the final product, we also use:
– Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS),
– GNSS RTK measurements, 
– total station, 
– many other technologies.