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UAV Change Detection

On the Polish market, we are holding leadership in the field of acquisition of photogrammetric and remote sensing data from a low ceiling using unmanned aerial vehicles. We perform basic photogrammetric and remote sensing analysis such as: orthophotomaps, photoplans, numerical altitude models, as well as more specialized products such as: maps of morphometric indices (eg maps of slopes, runoff directions, exposures), vegetation indices (eg NDVI), photogrammetric measurements (e.g., surface, volume measurements).



Fotoraporty offers the service of processing aerial photos provided by external customers in possession of UAV unmanned platforms. Our specialists will process the photos and will develop products according to the customer’s requirements.
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Fotoraporty Sp. z o.o. are exclusive distributors of the APS photogrammetric software from the company Menci Software.
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We sincerely invite you to courses dedicated to the usage of low-ceiling photogrammetric techniques.
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O spółce

The execution of photogrammetric air raids, as well as the delivery of ordered materials, took place within the designated dates. The maps were prepared as requested, and all remarks on their layout and content were taken in consideration in the final composition. The provided maps will facilitate the implementation of detailed botanical surveys.

Artur Wojtasik | Team of Landscape Parks of the Silesian Province

Products fabricated by FotoRaporty stand out with good quality, and the time of obtaining the data was in line with the contract. FotoRaporty’s employees demonstrated professionalism in the execution of the task entrusted to them.

Marek Łukjańczuk | Polish Society for the Protection of Birds

The obtained orthophotomap is characterized by very good contrast and high accuracy, while its resolution (as well as legibility) is consistent with the adopted assumptions. The contour model was delivered in a format that allows it to be easily and quickly integrated with the excavation site plan made in a CAD environment. The maps were drawn up carefully, taking into account the instructions for their content and form.

dr Tomasz Kołomański | Archaeological and Conservation Workshop dr Tomasz Kołomański

The employees of the FotoRaporty company proved their professionalism in the realization of the task entrusted to them by delivering a good quality product at the agreed deadline.

Jacek Turecki | Unidevelopment S.A.

Products made by the FotoRaporty company are of high quality, the time of obtaining the data was very short and consistent with the findings. The resulting study significantly simplified our work and allowed us to reduce the costs of preparing unit documentations.

Wojciech Sinkiewicz | Geodetic Service Office “Geodeta”

FotoRaporty sp. z o.o. performed on our request a color orthophotomap for the area of Sadoleś (Sadowne commune, Węgrów county, Masovian province). Pictures for the study were collected during one day, and the transfer of the developed orthophotomap did not last longer than the agreed 8 days from the date of the air raid.

Jacek Marciniak | Geomap - Authorized surveyors

Products made by the company FotoRaporty stand out with good quality, and the time of obtaining the data was in line with the contract. The employees of the FotoRaporty company showed professionalism in the implementation of the task entrusted to them.

Ryszard Brzozowski | Warszawskie Przedsiębiorstwo Geodezyjne S.A.


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