We are pleased to inform you about the cooperation between Fotoraporty and Geo-System ( https://www.punktyadresowe.pl ) companies in the field of sharing photogrammetric products. As a result of established cooperation, the current and archival orthophotomaps developed by Fotoraporty will be made available in map portals provided by Geo-System for city and commune offices (e-map).

Examples of map portals:

1) Spatial Information System of the City of Mordy: https: // mordy .com mapa.net / (archival orthophotomap from 1957 and current orthophotomap with a resolution of 5 cm)

2) Jarocin City Spatial Information System: https: //jarocin.e -mapa.net/ (archival orthophotomaps from 1959, 1969, 1976, 1978, 1985-86, 1995).